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Theatrical Poster

Written by The Horror Czar
August 11, 2009

Hurt has a complex story that holds itself together through strong acting, excellent writing and suspenseful terror.

The Coltrane family has had a rough time. When father and husband Robert is killed suddenly in an automobile accident leaving no assets behind, Helen (Melora Walters, Magnolia, Boogie Nights) is forced to abandon her plush lifestyle, pack up the kids and move in with her deceased husband’s brother Darryl (William Mapother, The Grudge). Oh, and Darryl lives in an uber-sexy junk yard in the middle of dusty nowhere.

The artist son Conrad (Jackson Rathbone, Twilight) takes the new digs in stride, finding many old auto scraps to incorporate into his metal art monstrosities, but daughter Lenore (Johanna Braddy, The Grudge 3, Penny Dreadful) is a bit put out by the dirty surroundings – this might get in the way of her aspirations for student body president at her old school, after all.

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Well, of course it's a tearjerker. Before the lights went down in the theatre, My Sister's Keeper gave a few hints towards its three-hankie status:

  1. It's based on a book by Jodi Picoult, whose other novels were turned into Lifetime television movies
  2. It's directed by Nick Cassavetes, who helmed the eternally weepy The Notebook.
  3. It's about a teenage girl dying of leukemia, who goes to prom at the hospital.

The film opens with a long passage of narration by youngest daughter Anna (Abigail Breslin). She explains that unlike most children, her birth was not an accident: she was engineered as an exact genetic match for her ailing sister. Since Anna's birth, when she donated cord blood, her life has been a series of hospital visits. That changes soon after Anna turns 11. She enlists the help of a lawyer (Alec Baldwin) to sue for the right to her own body.

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