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The 7th season of the show, starring Patricia Arquette, is coming to DVD on June 21st when CBS and Paramount Home Entertainment release Medium - The Final Season. The 4-DVD package running 563 minutes is presented in anamorphic widescreen video, with English 5.1 Stereo Surround and English subtitles. You'll also get the following list of extras, all enclosed in the packaging that is shown at bottom:

MEDIUM is the drama inspired by the real-life story of research medium Allison Dubois, an extraordinary wife and mother who, since childhood, has struggled to make sense of her dreams and visions of dead people. Dubois is a strong-willed, devoted wife and mother of three girls who has gradually come to grips with her extraordinary ability to talk to dead people, see current events and the future through her dreams and read people's thoughts.

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Title: My Sister's Keeper (IMDB)
Starring: Sofia Vassilieva; Abigail Breslin
Released: November 17th, 2009
SRP: Prices TBC

Further Details: New Line Home Entertainment has announced DVD and Blu-ray releases of My Sister's Keeper which stars Cameron Diaz, Abigail Breslin, Alec Baldwin, and Jason Patric. Each will be available to own from the 17th November. As far as we know, the only extra material on the DVD release will be additional scenes. The Blu-ray release will also include 2 featurettes ("Behind the Scenes", "From Picoult to Screen"). We've attached a trade advertisement containing an early look at the package artwork below.

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