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Sofia Vassilieva visits St. Jude and shows support

May 28, 2009, was an exciting day for the patients of St Jude when they had the opportunity to meet the stunning and talented actress, Sofia Vassilieva. Sofia was the star of the movie My Sister’s Keeper, in which her character is striken with acute promyelocytic leukemia (APL), and has been plagued with since childhood. The film inspired Sofia to want to give back and help children who suffer every day with this disease.

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McClatchy Newspapers
SANTA MONICA, Calif. - Sofia Vassilieva cried uncontrollably the first time she saw herself in the makeup that would transform her into a young woman dying of leukemia for "My Sister's Keeper."

"We were doing the screen test. It was just the beginning of it all. I came back to the trailer and I was hysterical. It is so hard to see yourself like that and envision people going through that," she says during an interview at the Casa del Mar Hotel, where she joined castmates Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin to talk about the film version of the best-selling book by Jodi Picoult.

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Sofia Vassilieva, who plays Ariel on NBC’s Medium, drops in on WZAP Radio to chat about her role in the upcoming big-screen, three-hankie weeper My Sister’s Keeper, opposite Cameron Diaz and Alec Baldwin. The 16-year old star will also be taking calls, so be sure to get in on the action by dialing 347-826-9140. And don’t forget to chat it up in the chat!

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In our video interview – don’t miss its premiere June 26 on the Daily Dish -- Diaz speaks about how it was a challenge to take on the role of Sara, a mother who engineers a child to save the dying one she can’t watch perish.

Sofia Vassilieva, Cameron Diaz and Abigail Breslin in My Sister's Keeper

Vassilieva has the task of playing Kate, a sister who has lived with the knowledge of her life being extended through her sister’s pain. Breslin, with priceless panache, is Anna – who carries a secret through the film that is only one aspect of what makes My Sister's Keeper the must-see of the summer. Jodi Picoult’s beloved book gets the big screen treatment and in the hands of The Notebook director Nick Cassavetes, Diaz, Breslin and Vassilieva as well as Jason Patrick as dad Brian and brother Jess (Evan Ellingson), the pain and joy painted by Picoult in her novel explodes with perfect-pitch emotion on movie screens.

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